Your temporary staffing agency will recruit and supply nurses and carers to healthcare providers including NHS public and private hospitals, care and nursing homes, supported living establishments and hospices. You can also be an introductory agency for live-in care service users and care workers. 

Your business will not be required to register with the Care Quality Commission as long as it does not directly provide personal care services. However, it must be compliant with relevant UK legislation such as conducting rigorous DBS checks and adherence to Covid-19 guidelines to ensure staff and client safety. 

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What to consider when starting a Temporary Staffing business

These are the essentials and additionals to have in mind when setting up your agency so it runs efficiently and effectively from the outset. 

The Essentials:

Name check/search
Company Registration
Brand Identity – Logo
Website & Emails
Business Planning
Compliance & Regulations
Forms & Documents
Policies & Procedures
Contract Terms & Conditions
Social Media Set-up and Management

Request a start up checklist with start up cost estimates

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The Add On’s

Banking & Payroll Finance
Office & Operations Set-up
Cashflow Management
Client & Recruitment Marketing
Staff Induction & Training
Client & Recruitment Marketing
Professional Memberships Staff ID & Uniforms
Systems & Software – Invoicing Payroll, Accounting, CRM, Shift Management

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