Person centred care services

Home care, also called domiciliary care, is when care staff travel to the homes of people in need of assistance. This is arranged through the local council or through private agencies.

Home care is ideal for people who want to stay living in their own homes but would like some help with day-to-day living. These people can be older, disabled or managing an illness.

Depending on the needs of the individual, the type of care provided ranges from short 30 minute visits to 24 hour live-in. 

In England, it is illegal for new domiciliary care agencies to operate without being registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Examples of personal care services

◌ Medications assistance by:
     ” reminding the client to take medications, and
     ” opening containers for the client;
◌ Transferring assistance
◌ Personal grooming and dressing
◌ Eating and meal preparation
◌ Oral hygiene and denture care
◌ Toileting and toilet hygiene
◌ Bathing assistance
◌ Taking and recording temperatures and weights
◌ Administering emergency first aid
◌ Providing transportation
◌ Errand services

Why start your own home care business? 

Because you can! It is never too late or too early to pursue your dreams.

With the right guidance and support, your long term success can exceed your wildest dreams.

It is possible to start your care agency from home, managing your carers remotely without having to pay for office space – though you’ll still face significant start-up costs in the form of staff salaries and training.

To make a success of your home care agency, you’ll need to have qualifications and ample experience in the care sector, the ability to effectively manage a team, and a burning desire to provide high-quality, compassionate care.

Some Facts: 

  • The domiciliary (home) care industry is considered as one of the only recession proof businesses.
  • Demand for domiciliary (home) care services in the UK is skyrocketing – and the industry is worth a whopping £7.8bn per year.
  • The Corona virus pandemic has created a tremendous need for more home care agencies.
  • Social distancing challenges along with inadequate care provided for the elderly in supported living facilities, care and nursing homes has created a dire need for the care of patients in their home.

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