From the outset, your operations must comply with legal requirements including employment, insurance, data protection, health & safety and COVID-19.  

All business forms, policies and procedures are up to date to keep your operations compliant. 

To provide a regulated service care providers must first register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) before taking further steps in the new venture. 

Our support ensures you meet all CQC compliance requirements in line with the 5 KLOEs explained in the link below. 

Get to know your KLOEs

Effective Marketing

We offer full branding that projects the essential professional image in this competitive market. We advise on a marketing strategy that mixes traditional and digital marketing that focusses on attracting both staff and clients to your business.

The online marketing strategy ensures you maintain a professional website and a visibly active social media presence. We help you design and consistently post on key profiles like Facebook and Google My Business to ensure you are visible and can be found on search engines.  

Experienced Handholding

Without appropriate guidance, managing your care business can prove challenging. We help you set up robust care management systems, policies and processes to ensure smooth operations.

Critical to your success is investing in a home care scheduling and staffing software to automate administrative tasks. An efficient software system will enable you to plan and record your staff’s shifts and appointments in a digital timetable, hold records of both your staff and clients’ details. It will be possible to monitor staff when they check in and out of appointments. 

A cloud-based software system will enable you and your staff to access the agency portal remotely on any device – from office computers to personal smartphones.

What’s next?

You can start your own care business if you have experience in care and are confident you can manage teams of care workers.