What we do

Dynamic Care Startup helps set up and grow homecare and temporary staffing agencies.

Our focus is to guide you to start right, avoiding the costly mistakes made by start ups in this immensely profitable care sector.

Our mission is simple: to get new care agencies up and running quickly, efficiently and effectively.

What to consider when starting your care agency

The Essentials

– Name Check/Search
– Company Registration
– Brand Identity – Logo + Business Card
– Build Website + Email
– Social Media Profiles 
– Home Office Space
– Business Planning
– Business Forms
– Policy Documents

We Set up & Support Care Startups. 

Did you know? 

The Care Quality Commission registration process is unpredictable and could take 4 to 6 months to complete.

At Dynamic Care Startup we know that every pound counts. Therefore, until you get the CQC certificate and have consistent clients, we may advise you carefully consider signing up to marketing and care management systems that lock you into subscriptions that could prove difficult to sustain in the short term. 

Request a startup checklist with cost estimates.

The Add Ons

– Internet/Business Phones
– Equipment  & Stationery
– Business Insurance
– Printing (Flyers, Cards etc)
– Management Software
Payroll & Accounting
– Professional Memberships
– Uniforms + ID Badges
– Social Media Marketing
– Staff Training
– Recruitment
– Client Assessment
– Tender Writing

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